How to Help

The online sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children in the last decade is being identified as the major threat facing our children in the 21st century. Every day sees fresh revelations on the topic. We are a new organization with experience and expertise in this area, committed to finding ways to tackle this heinous practice. However, we cannot do this on our own and we need your help.

Save Sweetie Now! has only recently been established as a charity in the UK. Though financial support would of course be most welcome any other form of help or assistance will be very much appreciated as well.

  • You can help by sharing the link to this website and all blogs, news and publications on this website with others
  • You can help by responding to the content of this site and we welcome your comments
  • You can help by letting your contacts know of our existence, aims and activities
  • You can help by helping us to organize presentations and lectures on the Sweetie Project and on issues such as “live streaming” of child sexual abuse, grooming, sexting, sextortion and other forms of online sexual abuse of children and minors.

We look forward to combating this growing phenomenon together.