How we work

Our work in the UK will consist mainly of both awareness and skill sharing campaigns and of fundraising to provide for continuing aid to victims of child sexual abuse.

Awareness raising:

The main activities of Save Sweetie Now will be centred on presentations to law enforcement agencies and NGOs in the UK. We will participate in conferences and workshops on the subject of online child sexual abuse, bringing our perspective and experience to bear. We will also organise webinars, press conferences and lectures to present the findings of the Sweetie Project and our follow-up “Sweetie 2.0” (see below) as it develops.


In close co-operation with the international children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes, Save Sweetie Now has gained access to a large network of local and national charities in South East Asia dealing with the victims of online child sexual abuse. Most of the abuse is perpetrated by Western predators, amongst which are some from the UK. Many of the victims are children (some as young as 5) removed from families using them for live streaming of sex abuse. They are taken into the care of the state who then refer these children to shelter homes such as those supported by Terre des Hommes.

Our fundraising will go towards providing direct assistance (care, recovery,education and re-integration) for these victims in the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand.

Sweetie 2.0

A follow up to the original Sweetie Project, working title Sweetie 2.0, is being developed. This major undertaking (funded by a grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery) will bring together software developers, legal and law enforcement experts, forensic psychologists and cybercrime specialists in the construction of an “early warning system” aimed at deterring potential child abusers and alerting them to the illegality of their proposed activity, whilst also recommending that the individual seek help and providing links to referral agencies.  Research has borne out that many would-be perpetrators of online child sexual abuse manage to justify their activities by joining online peer groups with similar interests and persuasive tendencies. A sharp reminder of the criminal nature and devastating impact of child sexual abuse could effectively prevent some from going further. Sweetie 2.0 is being developed to pioneer and monitor this approach as a deterrent for what are referred to as “curious cats” in the terminology of forensic psychology.