Australian Federal Police describe growing trend for live-streaming of child sex abuse as "most dark and evil crime we are seeing".

Australian Federal Police have stated that the number of child exploitation material referrals they have received has doubled in the space of one year, from 4,500 to 11,000.

Sept 9-

The Australian Federal Police is concerned demand for child abuse material is increasing across the country.Live-streaming of child sexual abuse on demand has been identified as a priority area to target.

Alarming trend

The police have warned of an alarming trend where Australians are increasingly seeking to direct the sexual abuse of children overseas via webcam or Skype. These abusers find people in, for example, the Philippines who are willing to procure children for these live streamed sessions. Sometimes the procurers are themselves working in the adult cybersex industry. The children are known to be as young as a few months old.

No digital imprint

This type of cyber child abuse leaves little digital imprint which makes it more challenging for police to estimate the scale of it and to take measures to combat it. It is also vital for law enforcement to emphasise that live-streaming of child sex abuse is an actual crime and not a virtual one. This 7 minute video from ABC depicts the reality and scale of the growing problem up close.

Read more and watch video:


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