BBC team visit Sweetie HQ

A BBC team recently spent the day with the researchers at Sweetie HQ in The Netherlands and followed up with a report on BBC News and BBC World News on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd of December.


The BBC visited the Sweetie Project's base at the Hague Security Delta in the Hague earlier this year to report on the progress being made with Sweetie 2.0; software to intercept, identify and deter individuals who are using the internet to sexually abuse children. Sweetie 2.0 applies Artificial Intelligence (chatbots) to be able to monitor large parts of the internet automatically and to conduct conversations with hundreds of individuals simultaneously under the guise of a child from the Philippines. Once these chats become sexual in nature, the bots will seek to identify the perpatrators and send them warning messages as a deterrent. To determine the impact of these "early interventions", Terre des Hommes will cooperate with a team of forensic psychologists and statisticians from Tilburg University who will carry out research into their effectiveness in the coming months.



Sweetie 2.0 has been developed for Terre des Hommes by Dutch companies Tracks Inspector, Motek and eCreation with the assistance of Leiden and Tilburg Universities and financial support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery.

Click here for the report




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