Dutch child sex abuser arrested and sentenced in Cambodia

The 44 year old sailing instructor fled to Cambodia in 2009 after being sentenced by a Dutch court for child sex abuse and found work there in a children's orphanage.

Sebastian Reuyl, a former sailing instructor from The Netherlands, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by a Cambodian provincial court for child sex abuse. Reuyl had previously been sentenced by a Dutch court in 2004 to one year in prison for child sexual offences and had been forbidden to work with children again. He fled to Cambodia in 2009 and took up residence in a local community where he gained the childrens trust by inviting them to play computer games in his house.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands eventually identified the whereabouts of Reuyl in Cambodia and passed this information to a Cambodian childrens NGO (APLE) who in turn notified the police. However it took 6 years and 3 attempts to successfully convict this man, who continued to offend with impunity over this time. His conviction was finally brought about by much needed collaboration between Dutch and Cambodian authorities, something which will hopefully continue into the future.


For the full story read here 


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