International co-operation leads to 368 arrests in Europe as part of "Operation Pacifier".

A child pornography website called "Playpen" operating on the darknet was secretly taken over by the FBI enabling the identification of thousands of users worldwide.

Over a period of two weeks in 2015 the FBI infiltrated the site and during that time managed to identify administrators and users leading to the arrests and convictions.

A press release from Europol states;

"The Playpen site was structured to allow its users to easily access a wide range of child exploitation and abuse material. As members of the forum users could search for videos and other content relating to the abuse of girls and boys under different categories, through links provided by other users.  One section focused exclusively on toddlers, another on incest and many others on various fetishes involving children.  The posts themselves and the latest updates to them were published in an index where descriptions made the content obvious and were intended to draw in those with such interests."

For the Europol press release read here;

The investigation has broken ground in many aspects including protection of privacy for users, raising legal and procedural questions which are discussed in this article here.


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