International premiere of documentary "Children of the Webcam" in Manila.

An audience of 600 police, journalists and civil servants in Manila attended the premiere of the undercover investigative documentary into online child sex exploitation in The Philippines.

March 7th 2017 Manila

The documentary, which received backing from Terre des Hommes Netherlands, features the work of Belgian undercover journalist Peter Dupont and Dutch filmmaker Jacco Groen, who spent 2 years documenting the use of children in livestreaming sex abuse videos for mainly foreign consumption. Dupont's research eventually led to a police raid on a cybersex den in The Philippines and the removal of the children involved to a safe house. It has also provided evidence for ongoing (overseas) investigations and arrests.  

A Dutch language version of the film, aired on Dutch TV in October 2016, played a significant role in raising awareness of the issue and paved the way for the approval in parliament of an amendment to the Dutch Computer Crime Act III which allows Dutch police to make use of "virtual children" (computer avatars) in attempting to combat this growing crime. 

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