Massive paedophile network uncovered by police in Norway

Under the auspices of "Operation Dark Room" Norwegian police have laid bare a paedophile internet network which promoted and facilitated sexual assaults against children. The scale of the network has astonished the police investigators and with over 50 men already charged the police say the investigation is not over yet.

Extract from "News in";

"After more than a year of intense investigation, with a team of 25 experts working full-time since January, police cracked what they describe as not just one pedophile network in Norway but several. They called it “Operation Dark Room,” based on a large operation carried out in the US by the FBI against the website known as “Playpen.”

Gunnar Fløystad, leader of a police prosecution team in Bergen, called it Norway’s largest case ever involving sexual assault on children. He stressed the investigation is far from over.

More than 50 Norwegian men “from all levels of society” have been charged, with two convicted so far. They include at least one lawyer, engineers, a police officer and his son, two politicians, a pre-school teacher and students, among others. Several of those arrested in recent months are highly educated with high levels of competence within information technology. "

One of the men involved is known to have abused children in the Philippines by webcam. In a separate case last month in Norway a 66 year old man was tried in court on charges of sexually abusing children by ordering the sexual abuse of 62 children in the Philippines by internet. He is awaiting sentencing from the court.

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