Save Sweetie Now team aids in detention of child pornography suspect.

The Save Sweetie Now team of researchers played a significant role in the apprehension of a travelling child abuser who was selling video footage online of himself having sex with a 13 year old girl in the Philippines.

July, Kansas.

 Anthony S. was arrested in April after the US authorities received information from the Philippines that this individual was involved in producing child pornography.

Produced child pornography for sale

A Dutch documentary maker and a Belgian researcher working with the Sweetie team managed to establish internet communication with the US national, who is also known as Max Makati or Dean Hendrickson. Child pornographic movies, produced by S. in the Philippines and Thailand were passed on to the researcher who handed them over to the Philippine National police.They in turn contacted the FBI with the information and the perpetrator was traced through electronic payment accounts.

30 years sentence

The accused admitted the charges. Anthony S. was a regular visitor to the Philippines and victim statements of several Philippine underage girls have been collected and passed on to law enforcement. S. also ran several pornographic websites. The 53 year old US citizen was arrested and charged  in Wichita, Kansas, and could face up to 30 years in prison.

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