Sky News item highlights parents role in earning money from children forced into WCST

A news item broadcast by Sky News states that parents in The Philippines are taking money from online predators whilst allowing them to sexually abuse their children online.

March 20th 2017

The news team filmed a police raid on a cybersex den in The Philippines in which children who were taking part in live-streamed sex shows run by their parents were removed to a safe house. The children can be heard to be crying out for their parents as they are taken away by social workers.

In the Sky News article Attorney Janet Morecho-Francisco, from the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), said recent operations have indicated the involvement of families and neighbours in the abuse is occurring in more places than previously thought, and that thousands of children are still being exploited.

"It's a growing trend. More and more families are engaging in these illegal activities, because it is the easiest way for them to have an income.This is really the reason why it has been a cottage industry in some areas."

In the accompanying film clip the poverty of these families is all too apparent and it is not hard to imagine that the money offered by overseas predators is an irresistible temptation for some of these parents, many of whom are addicted to drugs also.

Read the news item here


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