Sweetie Campaign in Philippines intensifies

As worldwide attention on online sexual exploitation of children snowballs, the Sweetie campaign in the Philippines also intensifies. In 2013, Terre des Hommes Netherlands unveiled Sweetie, a virtual 10-year-old Filipina girl with a very distinct task of identifying pedophiles around the globe in selected public chatroom.

School caravans in the Philippines

In Terre des Hommes’ pursuit of a safer internet for children, school caravans are being conducted in the Philippines starting this December 2015. Staff members of the Philippines Country Office will visit basic and higher education institutions across the country to promote the fight against online sexual exploitation of children whilst reintroducing Sweetie. The end goal of this national campaign is to gather around 200,000 signatures from Filipinos to put pressure on the Philippine government to deliver a strong statement against Filipino children being victimized in schemes of webcam child sex abuse and subsequently exposing them to the perils of such form of exploitation. Said campaign is expected to run until March of 2016.

Psychosocial effects of online sexual exploitation

Terre des Hommes’ multifaceted effort to strengthen the online protection of children is coupled with a research project on the psychosocial effects on victims of online sexual exploitation of children and an international conference on online sexual exploitation of children, which both is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2016.

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