Sweetie wins 'Transparant Prijs 2015'

The Terre des Hommes Sweetie project has won the 'Transparant Prijs' in the category 'Flagship project with the most impact’. The award corresponds to a cash amount of € 25.000.

Sweetie wins 'Transparant Prijs'

On behalf of Terre des Hommes, the project leader of Sweetie, Hans Guijt, received the award from the chairman of the jury Herman Wijffels. Four projects were nominated for the award. Alongside Sweetie, these were 'Een bloedserieuze zaak' (Plan Nederland), 'Stop meisjesbesnijdenis!' (Amref Flying Doctors) and 'TikkieRing' (Hartstichting).

Webcam sex with children put on the agenda

With a digital girl called Sweetie, Terre des Hommes has put webcam sex firmly on the global agenda. In just two months, Terre des Hommes, with the help of Sweetie, has exposed over 1,000 perpetrators of webcam sex involving children. A number of these have already been convicted. Terre des Hommes is now working on a follow-up campaign, with the aim of scaring off and warning potential perpetrators.

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Reward for social impact

The Transparent Prize is awarded to organisations that most effectively raise awareness of their social impact among the public. The prize is an initiative from accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), supported by the National Postcode Lottery. The National Postcode Lottery provided a total of 100,000 EUR for the winners. Sweetie won the category 'Figurehead project with the most impact', according to the jury led by Herman Wijffels, the directors of a hundred charities and the public who were present during the presentation.


Terre des Hommes takes great pride in the award. Plan Nederland won the 'Transparant Prijs' for the best annual report in the large fund-raising organisation category and receives € 50,000 as a result. Mama Alice, an organisation that works on behalf of Peruvian street children, won the prize for the best annual report (€ 15,000) in the small fund-raising organisation category. FairMail, producer of fair trade postcards, was the winner in the social enterprises category and picks up a prize of € 10,000.

We are speechless, recognition from within the charity sector is exceptional.

Hans Guijt, project leader Sweetie

Not the first award for Sweetie

Sweetie has also received a number of advertising awards, including three 'Gouden Lampen' and a 'Grand Prix'.Terre des Hommes has also been named as advertiser of the year by the 'Stichting Adverteerdersjury Nederland'. (SAN). Sweetie, together with Lemz, has also been awarded SAN awards in other categories. Sweetie also took the ‘Tomorrow Award’ in Miami as a result of the use of impressive and innovative techniques within the campaign. Sweetie has also won three distinctions in the UK from the British jury (white, yellow, and black pencil).

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