Sweetie guest of the Italian parliament

The innovative projects via which Terre des Hommes highlights child exploitation can still count on interest from abroad. On 7 October, a delegation from Terre des Hommes gave a presentation to the Italian parliament on Sweetie and the VR Experience.

Sweetie in the Italian parliament

During the meeting, head of special projects Hans Guijt gave a presentation on Sweetie, the digital young girl used by Terre des Hommes to focus international attention on webcam sex with children. Via Sweetie, more than 1,000 perpetrators of webcam sex with children have been unmasked, and a number of them have now been convicted. Terre des Hommes is currently working on Sweetie 2.0, which is designed to deter webcam sex perpetrators.

VR Experience

In Rome, Sander Hanenberg, head of marketing and communication at Terre des Hommes, explained the VR Experience: a short film that presents a poignant picture of domestic slaves. The film is about a 12-year-old girl being held by an African family as a domestic slave. Her life consists of looking after young children and being subjected to physical violence, intimidation and sexual abuse. There are an estimated 10 million children worldwide living as slaves, not just in homes but in industry, in the countryside and in prostitution as well.

International Day of the Girl Child

Hans Guijt and Sander Hanenberg were in Rome at the invitation of Terre des Hommes Italy. The sister organisation of Terre des Hommes presented a report there as part of International Day of the Girl Child, InDifesa. The report looks at the development of women's rights in various countries. More needs to be done, particularly in conflict areas, report the authors. For example Jordanian refugee camps have seen an increase in the number of forced marriages. The report looks in more detail at problems involving domestic slaves, sexual exploitation and child trafficking, among other issues.


Geweldig. Dankjewel voor de info!

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