Visit by King of The Netherlands to operational base of Save Sweetie Now Project.

23rd March, The Hague
His Majesty King Willem-Alexander paid a visit to The Hague Security Delta and was given a specially selected presentation on the work of the Sweetie 2.0 team located there.

The Hague Security Delta is a cyber security cluster where businesses, knowledge institutions and government collaborate on knowledge development and innovation in the field of security. The technical arm of the Sweetie 2.0 project is based here. In attendance were Rens de Wolf (Tracks Inspector), prof. Bart Schermer of Leiden University and Hans Guyt of Terre des Hommes to present the legal, technical and social aspects of the project. The King turned out to be well informed about the Sweetie project and was visibly impressed and moved hearing some of the more shocking details of sexual exploitation of children on the internet. There was a discussion about the need for legal changes to allow law enforcement to tackle this issue in a more effective and efficient manner and the King stated he was looking forward to receiving the Dutch Draft Cyber Legislation, presently before the senate, to be able to render his signature and turn it into law. This legislation will allow Dutch law enforcement to apply technologies such as Sweetie 2.0 to carry out undercover operations and to identify and prosecute potential child sex offenders. It was a lively visit by an interested, informed and motivated head of State.

Tracks Inspector/Sweetie 2.0 was one of only four companies/projects based in the Hague Security Delta selected by the board of governors to present their activities to the Dutch Head of State.

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